Gary Graham

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The relationship between By George and Gary Graham is one of discovery, and longevity.  Having carried Gary’s line since Fall of 2007, the relationship between By George and the designer has become unique.  “There are very few buyers I look forward to seeing, and they {By George owners, Katy and Matt Culmo} are at the top of the list,” Graham explains.  The sentiment is mutual, and By George is excited about carrying Gary’s line once again this Fall.


As is often the case with creativity, this collection’s inception began with art.  Following a visit to the Anonio Ratti textile collection, located at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the exploration of their archives resulted in a Far East inspired story about an archaeologist.  Taking inspiration from a deep sense of history that goes beyond fashion, Graham is notorious for referencing and reinterpreting idiosyncratic elements from period influences.  Each collection tells a story, and each piece is one step of the journey that Gary is curating.


The definition of a true artist, it comes as no surprise that Graham has worked with some of the most prolific innovators in the arts.  From Karen O to Helena Bonham Carter, Gary’s designs continue to appeal to independent, creative women.  We are excited to offer his extended Fall 2014 collection at our Lamar location

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By George, We’ve Got It! Mad et Len Candles

‘Take this job and shove it’ isn’t just a lyric in a country song, it’s been the start of great careers as well as many products such as Mad et Len candles. After tiring of their office jobs in Paris, Sandra Fuzier and Alexandre Piffaut started their line of intoxicatingly scented creations in 2007.

mad et len_alex

Based in the South of France near other artisans in the perfume industry, the pair use essential oils from flowers and wood that are aged in-house to create intense scents like Black Fig, Tobacco and Amber. While the aesthetic is particularly anti-luxury, the scents are quite exhilarating, creating a scent you can feel in the air.

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Every aspect of the small-batch manufacturing is done by hand—from the ‘biologist’ who creates each unique scent to the blackened iron packaging handmade by local blacksmiths. And, of course, they only use natural ingredients like soy vegetable wax hand poured over cotton wicks to produce the candles, some of which are even hand-signed with the date of production.

mad et len

Mad et Len produces limited edition collections and By George Man just received a shipment of candles, including Thé Noir, Lierre des Poétes, Ébene Bois, Encens Olibanum and Black Afghan. Check out the equally mesmerizing perfumes and amber crystals that can be rubbed on your skin.

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